De Beeldbuis

De Beeldbuis


Paaspop is known in The Netherlands for being the opener of the “festival season” although the cold period a diverse variety of visitors gather around to enjoy the 3 day-long event. Paaspop asked a group of Delta(honour) students to provide content for the big LED screens near the Paaspop mainstage in between concerts. How we generate this content was up to us. These project took place in 2017 and 2018.


My activities during these projects:

  • Created the Beeldbuis 2018 logo

  • Created the UI of our Tinder-like app “Scharrel”

  • User test our Tinder-like app “Scharrel”

  • Worked on our interactive content generator “Binnen de 15”

  • Video editing

Beeldbuis 2018 logo

To be recognizable on the festival we started working on new branding. We decided on using a bold pink as our main color and used it in the rest of our branding complemented with a hint of 90's design.

Pictures of the logo design process:


Fig 1: First sketches of the Beeldbuis logo. 


Fig 2: First sketches of the Beeldbuis logo. 

With the final design of the new Beeldbuis logo a bumper video was made which was shown everytime our content appeared on-screen.


The most fun project I worked on is “Scharrel”. At the time that Tinder was still hot and booming and people release a Tinder for everything we could not stay behind. We came up with the idea of  Scharrel  a Tinder-like application that would match people based on their artist preferences. If a match was made it would show on the Mainstage LED screens.

The tools I used:

  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD
  • InVision
  • Craft by InVision
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop 
  • After Effects

Progress pictures of the application:


Fig 4: Product whiteboard session


Fig 5: Wireframes and MoSCoW


Fig 6: Usability testing


Fig 7: Design for a fence banner to promote the App 

Binnen de 15

“Binnen de 15” was used to generate content from the guests on Paaspop. By pressing a button the guest got a task they had to finish in 15 seconds. The recording were later shown on the mainstage screens between concerts.

Pictures of the project:


Fig 8: Setting up the fence banner


Fig 9: Binnen de 15 in all its glory

The following video was made with content of the Binnen de 15 game:


Both years the prepartion time for the festivals turned out to be very tight. But with our dedication and long hours we pulled through. In 2017 we tried to launch the app Scharrel at the festival, we quickly found out that launching an app is more work than thought. We used the festival to do further testing and pass our 2017 learning goals. The project turned out to touch a lot of learning goals such as project management, marketing, ux, design, and development.  

In 2018 we conquered the festival in our bright pink custom Beeldbuis hoodies. Although the unfortunate weather we managed to get a lot of people in front of our cameras. We captured these moments and shared these video's on the LED screens.


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