Tribus Movitas

Tribus Movitas


As Tribus uses the latest technologies to develop the electric Tribus Movitas bus, a state of the art dashboard must be developed matching the same high-tech design and UX standards as used in personal vehicles but using existing ‘automotive proven’ hardware.

This project consisted of two phases, the first phase was the demo reveal at Busworld 2019 in Brussels, the biggest B2B bus and coach exhibition in the world. The second phase consisted of finalizing the UI for the road.


My activities during these projects:

  • Design workshop with the customer
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • UX research
  • UI Design according to Automotive ISO standards
  • Worrking closely with the UI developer


I started with an exploration research on current design trends in digital instrument clusters. This gave me an good idea about the current and future market. I looked at ficitive clusters as well as existing ones. 


Some findings of my digital cluster research


When collecting the images I realised there a four different types of structures in a digital interface: Digital, traditional, fragmentary, and monolithic. 
In the matrix below I have divided my findings into the four structure types.

20190729_Tribus wireframe pres PaMe.003

Clusters placed into the matrix


Based on the earlier findings I started making 5 sketches per common interface  structure, fragmentary, digital, and monolithic (left image below). With help from Sioux's marketing manager, I decided to narrow it down even more.

I asked colleagues to chose two sketches, per structure, that they liked the most. (middle image below)
Meanwhile Tribus mentioned they would prefer a minimal monolithic interface. (right image below)

20190729_Tribus wireframe pres PaMe.007

fltr: 15 Sketches based on interfaces structures, Sketches narrowed down. Tribus' prefered design direction.

20190729_Tribus wireframe pres PaMe.015


WhatsApp Image 2019-08-16 at 11.10.29

Final UI 



Client: Tribus b.v.
UI Development:
Frank Kusters
Project Management:  Maarten Meulen

Patrick Mendel
UX Designer

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